Our Values

As we emerge from an immensely transformative year, Genton revisited the principles, perspectives and purposes that define our practice. United by collective values, these five pillars guide how our team approaches design and conducts ourselves. 


Inquisitive Design

We regularly challenge the conventional to discover the next cutting edge. We interrogate and honour the quality of ideas through relentless research, reflection and inquiry. We operate in a meritocracy, where the best idea always wins; it’s about solutions, not seniority.


Generous Approach

It’s our role to listen to and intuit the needs of others. We design with the intention to enrich lives for generations to come. We measure a project’s success by its generosity to all stakeholders, from realising the client’s vision through close collaboration to enhancing the environment and community of the end user with whom it interfaces.


Authentic Communication

Architecture has its own language, but we will always speak yours. Our communication is clear, concise and compelling. We facilitate an open exchange of ideas, in which asking questions is encouraged.


Inherent Sustainability

The way we work and live reflects our value of social and environmental sustainability. We design in consideration of the earth’s finite resources, viewing materials through a whole-of-life-cycle lens. We walk the talk with our own carbon footprints, striving to minimise our impact and contribute positively to the public realm.


Empathic Inclusivity

We support reconciliation, gender equality and non-discrimination. We celebrate diversity and value the unique perspectives of people from all walks of life. We recognise the influence of design on inclusion, and endeavour to create spaces that feel welcoming and exciting for all. We acknowledge and respect the historical and continuing connection of First Nations people to Country and promote Indigenous co-design and collaboration in our processes.