Our team and partners kicking off 2020

To kick off the new year in style, we celebrated a start-of-year drinks event at Arbory Afloat in the Melbourne CBD – and it was a wonderful way to bring people together to say ‘thanks’ for the opportunities they had shared with us in the previous year. Building meaningful relationships is about building business in ways that are sustainable and significant and being surrounded with talented, professional industry leaders, as conversation flowed, was a positive way to begin what we hope will be a fantastic 2020.

Enjoying drinks and fine food on our own Yarra River was also about celebrating something that is important to us – a sense of place. As architects, connection to place and space guides every design decision we make and our choice of this floating bar & restaurant enabled us to celebrate the urban landscape of Melbourne, as much as the people we were with. Events are potentially powerful gatherings that help us make even stronger connections with people we already have great relationships with and, for us, it’s about sharing our gratitude with one of our most important brand assets – our network of like-minded industry colleagues.

In an era where social media is often seen as the heart of marketing, we believe in going back to basics and focusing on real relationships, in the same way we aim to create buildings and public spaces that suit the lives of real members of the community the designs serve. There’s a lot happening for Genton in 2020 and by taking the time to hear what our clients and colleagues have on their own schedules, we can all find better ways to help each other and work together for a brilliant year ahead.