Go West! Conference featured in The Daily Telegraph

Genton’s role in the Go West! conference has been highlighted in The Daily Telegraph. Genton Principal Steven Toia joined forces with James Boyce from Grumpy Sailor Creative to present an innovative vision for Parramatta City. Together, they embraced the opportunity to unleash their creativity to outline a vision for a city.

Their vision focused on enriching Parramatta with new experiences, a vibrant music scene, and creative spaces for artistic endeavours, fostering a dynamic and thriving community that builds upon and contributes to the city’s unique identity. They emphasised the importance of not only providing affordable housing but to also create desirable neighbourhoods that cater to the diverse and youthful population of Western Sydney.

Genton was privileged to share the stage with distinguished guests, including NSW Premier Chris Minns and Minister for Transport Jo Haylen.

A special thanks to David Borger from Business Western Sydney for extending the invitation to participate and share this vision. We’re energised by how well this vision was received and looking forward to build upon the investment and planning underway in Parramatta so please connect if you would like a briefing or to become involved.

Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph here.