Genton wins silver in MELBOURNE DESIGN AWARDS for Architecture – Public and Institutional.

We are delighted to announce that Glenroy Station has won Silver at the Melbourne Design Awards in the Public and Institutional Architecture category. Traditionally, station design is focused on the commuter journey and commuter amenities. Glenroy’s design approach challenges this notion and demonstrates that a progressive design can both address its urban context and reflect the unique character of its location, ultimately providing a design that serves both commuters and the community.

Genton’s urban design strategy involved relocating the station away from the heavily trafficked intersection at Glenroy Road, to prioritise pedestrianisation through the creation of a bridge linking the retail centre of Glenroy to the eastern side of the corridor to catalyse new opportunities for urban renewal.

Redefining the suburb’s heart with a central public plaza, the Glenroy Station project strengthens pedestrian connections through the creation of a public forecourt and new green public spaces. Transforming the centre of Glenroy, the station provides safe public access and reduced traffic congestion.

By broadening the scope and possibilities of a ‘station’, creative and cost-effective measures were used throughout the design to achieve a quality product and maintain a high amenity look and finish. In creating a welcoming and unique feeling precinct, the project strengthens the social fabric of the local community.


North Western Program Alliance NWPA
KBR, Inc.
John Holland
Level Crossing Removal Project
Metro Trains Melbourne