Genton leads design for newly announced Glenroy Station project

Creating a new civic precinct while eliminating major road congestion, Genton has been announced as lead designer for the Glenroy Station project.

“We immediately sensed a strong community culture in Glenroy and, through the significant investment and development involved in the project, we’re thrilled to be able to play a part in seeing that community flourish,” says Genton Principal Jamie McCutcheon.

Redefining the centre of Glenroy, the station precinct will provide new green public spaces, link the east and west sides of the rail corridor for safe public access, and resolve the competing needs of trains, buses, vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians operating in a small area.

Commissioned by the North West Program Alliance, the project sees the removal of the level crossing at Glenroy Road, through which 19,000 vehicles pass daily. During the peak morning commute period, Glenroy Station’s boom gates are currently lowered 43 per cent of the time.

You can read more about Glenroy Station on Australian Design Review, and the Genton project page.