Transformation at 33 York St Complete

Genton is proud to announce the completion of works to the lobby of 33 York St, Sydney. The transformation involved redesign of lobby interiors and ground level façade to the high-traffic CBD location.
Prior to commencement, the building presented a tired and worn appearance to the street. Previous works to the façade at ground level had left a disconnect between the street level entrance and the façade of the building.
Genton’s design has been able to successfully reconnect the street level façade with the rest of the building. The angles of the folded-steel-clad columns, read as a contemporary interpretation of the building as it was originally designed. The dark folded steel awning protrudes boldly from the façade, announcing the building’s presence to pedestrians and vehicles on the busy CBD street.
Internally, the space has been redesigned to improve circulation and create an impressive and contemporary meeting place. The use of light natural stone throughout brings in natural light from the street. The dark folded steel presents a strong contrasting element to light natural stone, creating a bold yet sophisticated space. The contrasting tones and textures of these elements are highlighted by specialized lighting design to create a bold and sophisticated space befitting of the prominent CBD location.


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