What's in a name?

Genton: A Legacy of Family, Values, and Entrepreneurial Spirit

At Genton, we often find ourselves fielding two common questions: “Where does the name Genton come from?” and “How is it pronounced?” Allow us to share the story behind our name, and why it’s more than just a label – it’s a reflection of our deep-rooted values and heritage.

Genton is pronounced with a soft G, like the word ‘gentle’, not a harsh G as in ‘get’. Additionally, our name consists of two syllables, not one. You pronounce it, “Jen-ton”.

Genton’s name has been passed down through generations. It was the name of our founder’s grandfather and father’s building business. The name started as a humble endeavour, a white label of sorts, before evolving into the dynamic brand you see today.

But why Genton? Why not select a more descriptive name, something that links it specifically to architecture, or as many architects prefer, using their surname to brand their company? The answer lies in the essence of family and tradition. Our founder consciously chose to honour the legacy of his forebears, recognising that Genton represents more than just a name – it embodies a lineage of craftsmanship, innovation, and above all, family values.

Genton is not just a label; it’s a deeply personal connection to the past, a reminder of the hard work and dedication that paved the way for our company’s success. Growing up surrounded by discussions of his grandfather and father’s projects and aspirations, our founder witnessed firsthand the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to excellence that defined his family’s approach to business.

Moreover, the name Genton symbolises inclusivity and collaboration. By choosing a name separate from his own, our founder sought to create a platform where everyone could contribute and help shape the company’s future. It’s a testament to the belief that great achievements are accomplished not in isolation, but through the collective efforts of a dedicated team.

So, when you hear the name Genton, think beyond just a word on a website or a sign on a building. Think of family, tradition, and the timeless values that guide everything we do. Genton isn’t just a name – it’s a legacy, a testament to the enduring spirit of innovation and collaboration that defines us as a company.

Join us on this journey as we continue to build upon the foundation laid by generations past, striving to create spaces that inspire, uplift, and endure for years to come. Welcome to Genton – where tradition meets innovation, and every project tells a story of craftsmanship and commitment.

We are proud to acknowledge that Genton's studios are on the lands of the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation and the Wurundjeri Woi-Wurrung People of the Kulin Nation.